Lately, I have been thinking about the curse of divorce and unfulfilled marriages. What goes wrong? Why do you see two people who can hardly keep their hands off each other, end up barely able to sit in the same room? I envied quite a number of relationships in the past and it is so... Continue Reading →


The lights started to go dim, the constant beeping sound of the monitor was faint. I could hear my husband cheering me on, a weird looking woman peering down at me. I didn't seem to understand the gravity of what was going on. Why were they all staring at me? Was this the fashion contest... Continue Reading →


He loves me right... that's me putting my thoughts to words, not spoken but written. The best words are often times unspoken. Words like: love, beauty, always and forever die with our thoughts, never getting a chance to be spoken...or at least written. So I decided to write a fraction of my thoughts. The part... Continue Reading →


So I am up thanks to my Princess who decided to be very fussy tonight. When I couldn't take it anymore, I decided to take a trip to my mom's room. Her granddaughter wanted to say hi, who am I to hinder such amazing love? After a few minutes of lies truth about how Princess... Continue Reading →

Something New…

Everyone loves gifts, especially if it comes as a surprise. Gifts are pleasant to the receiver, the first few moments spent with them are euphoric. Gifts are given in many different ways; sometimes wrapped, sometimes bare, sometimes a surprise, sometimes expected. The exchange of gifts began at the creation of man. God made the Garden... Continue Reading →

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